3D Lipo. - Fat Freeze

3D Lipo. - Fat Freeze

Per area

3D lipo available here.

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3D lipo offers -

🌟 Fat freezing- for stubborn hard to lose fat takes 2-4 months for results can loose up to 40% of fat

🌟 cavitation - to reduce fat over larger areas can often see instant results - a course is recommended

🌟 Radio Frequency fat melting - best over larger areas and can be used in conjunction with cavitation 

🌟 Radio Frequency skin tightening - can be used all over the body to tighten loose skin. Great to add on to a facial or as a stand alone facial.

🌟Dermology - used for lymphatic drainage, reducing cellulite. Great when used in conjunction with other treatments to speed up the results. 

I can help design a perfect plan just for you with affordable prices. 

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